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Should have seen this coming. Thursday during my weekly ESPN.com chat, someone asked when I thought the Chicago Sky would win its first game this season.

So I was perusing the Sky’s schedule and wondering if Chicago might take advantage of an off-to-a-slow-start Minnesota team this Saturday. Or possibly the Sky might beat Tulsa on June 5, as the Shock is a team trying to figure itself out after relocating.

It didn’t even occur to me to consider that the Sky might, in fact, get a victory several hours after the chat. Although it probably should have. Even though it was undefeated Seattle visiting Chicago, road games are tough everywhere for every WNBA team. And Chicago was desperate for a win.

Still, I bypassed “tonight” as an answer and offered up June 5 and the Shock. It was as good as gold to get the Sky a victory ASAP.

Indeed, Chicago did beat the Storm, 84-75, which gave Seattle its first loss and left only Atlanta undefeated. The Dream faces Phoenix tonight, and this afternoon at 1 Central time, Brenda VanLengen and I will chat with Dream’s Angel McCoughtry and Shalee Lehning on the “She’s Got Game” show.


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Listen in again

I have to tell you, the blog has been somewhat road-blocked by one of the obsessions of its goofball author. Meaning I have been working and working on a post (which may, in fact, turn into a two- or three-parter) about something that is not basketball – is not even sports – and has seemed to have me rather possessed. (Which makes sense, since it’s in regard to horror movies).

Anyway, this sometimes happens to me … I suppose it happens to many writers … occasionally you get something on your mind so consuming that it kind of blocks out the sun for everything else. (Well, not what I write for ESPN.com … that stays on track, um, for the most part by being focused on basketball. However, what I write here on the blog sometimes wonders off into the vast expanse of where-the-hell-is-this-going prairie of my mind.)

Hopefully, it will be done soon, I’ll post it, and then I’ll stop thinking about it so much. In the meantime, though, yet another quick plug for the on-line radio show I help broadcaster Brenda VanLengen do here in Kansas City. On Monday’s show, from 1-2 p.m. Central, we’ll visit with former Big 12 players Nicole Ohlde and Plenette Pierson. Their WNBA teams, Phoenix and Tulsa, meet Tuesday at the BOK Center.

If you want to listen to the show, try this Website. If that doesn’t work, try this one.

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TULSA, Okla. _ I know the “big story” to a lot of people about the Tulsa Shock’s opener Saturday was the saga of Marion Jones. But I have to admit that, truth be told, it wasn’t actually in the top five things I was most intrigued about going into this game. Still, I guess I found that I did have some thoughts on Jones when the game was over.

It’s not that I don’t understand the interest in Jones, of course. The story will be told and retold and retold again this season. ¬†At least for the first half of the season, reporters in each city the Shock visits will converge on Jones. She’ll talk about her mistakes, her hope for redemption, her desire to help the team however she can.

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Back from a little break from the blog and, in general, the laptop. This week, I’ll start my ESPN.com preview content for the WNBA season, which begins Saturday.

Today at 1 p.m. Central, Brenda VanLengen and I will chat about the WNBA season _ and whatever else might be rattling around in our noggins _ on the “She’s Got Game” show. Most of the recent shows have been archived as well.

And Thursday, also at 1 p.m. Central, I’ll be doing an ESPN.com chat about the WNBA.

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There is a difference between pessimism and pragmatic realism _ even though at times, they can feel like the same thing.

The thought that the Big 12 as we’ve known it now since 1996 is not going to last much longer may seem pessimistic to those who’ve become fans of the league. But the more one reads and interprets, it seems more just an idea to get used to.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the Big Ten (11) and the Pac-10 are itching to expand, and if one or both take schools from the Big 12, then the SEC may step in, too, and grab what it would consider the best of what’s left.

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